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Brands We Carry

We are honored to be an Authorized Retailer for many brands. We have acquired a few special retailer credentials as well during our many years serving you!

We are an Alpine Electronics of America Flagship Retail Specialist. This means that you get an extra year warranty (2 years total) on any Alpine product that you purchase and have installed by Ken's Car Tunes! 

We are also a JL Audio Signature Dealer which enables us to stock a wider selection of their mobile and marine products. We have worked very hard to be recognized by JL to have elevated standards in installation and customer service.

Why should you purchase from an authorized dealer? Many reasons! A big reason is that most manufacturers track serial numbers and will not honor the warranty of any product that isn't purchased from an authorized dealer. This protects you, the consumer. Authorized dealers always have genuine factory-fresh products as well. We also receive ongoing product training so we are always informed about the exciting new technology that is being engineered into the products that we sell.

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