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GPS & Radar

Why do you need GPS and radar on your boat? 

A GPS machine is basically a high octane, satellite driven compass. It can tell you your direction, speed, heading, and gives you the ability to navigate to a specific place or way point. 

So if you find a great fishing spot and you want to return to that exact place another day, you can mark that location with your GPS machine.

The ability to record an exact GPS position is also extremely useful in Man Overboard (MOB) situations. Most GPS machines have a single button for this function.

Imagine that you are cruising back to shore after a great day on the water and the weather turns bad. Fog so thick that you can barely see the bow of your boat.

Radar will allow you to see other vessels or objects on your screen so you can avoid possible collisions. 

If you are out on the water with limited visibility, then you will be very glad that your vessel is outfitted with radar.

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