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JL Audio ETXv2 Mount Recall

JL Audio Announces Safety Campaign in Conjunction with Voluntary Recall of M770-ETXv2 and MX770-ETXv2 Enclosed Marine Loudspeaker Systems



Miramar, FL—April 17, 2015— JL Audio, manufacturer of home audio, mobile, and marine audio electronics is voluntarily recalling certain M770-ETXv2 and MX770-ETXv2 enclosed marine speaker systems shipped to authorized JL Audio dealers and OEMs between June 2012 and October 2014.



JL Audio is working with the Office of Boating Safety on this recall. The company has decided that a defect related to marine safety exists. Under rare circumstances, the ETXv2 enclosure’s mounting tabs, which secure the mounting bracket/clamp to the enclosure, may break. If the ETXv2 loudspeaker systems are mounted to an overhead surface or structure, they may drop to the surface below. Even though no injuries have been reported and there have only been a few incidents of damage, JL Audio values customer safety above all else and is offering to modify these enclosures at no charge to correct the problem.



Owners of the affected product should discontinue its use immediately and proceed with the service option for their specific installation. This will vary depending upon the mounting bracket/clamp used to install the enclosure to the vessel. They may take their vehicle/boat to the authorized JL Audio dealer, where the product was purchased. If that is not convenient, owners may use the JL Audio website’s Dealer Locator to find a different dealer. The servicing dealer will unmount the enclosure, verify that it is included in this recall and use a retrofit kit supplied by JL Audio to properly reinstall the enclosure, at no charge to the customer.



If there are any questions, consumers can contact JL Audio’s dedicated e-mail for this recall at, or call JL Audio toll-free at 1-888-JLAUDIO.



The product warranty will remain in effect until two years from the original purchase date.



The company wants to stress that this recall only affects enclosed speaker system model M770-ETXv2 and MX770-ETXv2, and this Safety Campaign is only for the models shipped during the dates between June 2012 and October 2014. No other JL Audio enclosure or speaker models are affected by this recall.



For purposes of this recall, these are the affected ETXv2 Mounting Fixtures.



For Pipe Mounting Clamps (Fixed) the affected SKU (Model) are:



91350 (M-MCPV2-1.315)

91351 (M-MCPV2-1.660)

91352 (M-MCPV2-1.900)

91353 (M-MCPV2-2.000)

91354 (M-MCPV2-2.250)

91355 (M-MCPV2-2.375)

91356 (M-MCPV2-2.500)



For Pipe Mounting Clamps (Swivel), Surface Mount, MasterCraft and Low-Profile MasterCraft Fixtures, Deck Mount Fixtures (Tilt Adjustable) the affected SKU (Model) are:



91233 (M-SWMCPV2-1.315)

91234 (M-SWMCPV2-1.660)

91235 (M-SWMCPV2-1.900)

91236 (M-SWMCPV2-2.000)

91237 (M-SWMCPV2-2.250)

91238 (M-SWMCPV2-2.375)

91239 (M-SWMCPV2-2.500)

91358 (M-MCPV2-SM)

91360 (M-MCPV2-MC)

91359 (M-MCPV2-MC/LP)

91357 (M-MCPv2-DM)

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